The Rough Days

After my first build it happened to me.  My first race I saw it happen to another pilot.

Hitting the ground hard, crash after frame f-in' crash.

That bad day.  The day I hated FPV.

All I could focus on was how much I sucked as a pilot.  How stupid I was with my finances to put so much into a hobby.  Now all of my gear is useless because I don't have a bird to fly.

I was already stressed out on the day I lost my first quad, but I didn't loose it in the traditional sense.

I did what most new pilots do, I look at all the parts that offered all the features in a quad I wanted.  I had all my parts on the bench.  I soldered them up, I made a clean build.  I had my first balls-ripping quad assembled.  Configured it through Betaflight, and Blheli_32.  I even got it to hoover.  It was going to make me the next most awesome freestyle pilot in the world.

I had big plans, I was going to use my Runcam Split 2 to fly by my wedding and get some footage of my wedding with my freestyle quad.  It was going to be awesome.

I started flying that day, it was 3 or 4 hours before my wedding ceremony, I figured I had time to get my practice pack in.  I was flying, things felt pretty good in the goggles, my sticks felt right, and I was going to get something not many people get at their wedding.  Pictures from a drone.  I was thinking I was hot sh!t.


"Crap, its happened before, not a big deal,"  I thought to myself.  "I've got turtle mode, I can rock it out."


Awesome I saved my quad from hanging out in the wind and weather.  Flip a couple switches to rearm back in normal flight.  In my googles all I saw was static.


Of all the ominous things to have in the goggles, static.  What could it be?

Then I heard it. A car driving down my drive way to my wedding 4 hours early.  One of my closest friends came driving down the 1/4 mile drive to the venue.

On a drive way, with plenty of space some how I had managed to drop my quad right in front of his tire.  I had fallen out of the tree into his path of travel.  Right smack dab in front of his tire.  My quad was squished like a bug on a windshield.

All that money and time in a quad. All that effort in a build. All that frustration of getting it airborne to have it crushed by a 3500lbs sedan.  Along with it my dreams of being the next greatest FPV pilot, well I hated FPV that day.  I hated how much I had poured into my hobby.  I was angry.  I wanted vengeance.  Both for my quad and FPV.

What I really needed was a reality check. Bad stuff happens, really bad days happen.  But its a toy and this actually is for fun.  Essentially a GAME! 


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