Building Consistently for Consistency: Wire Colors.

These are things I like to do consistently through out all my builds to help me know what I did so I can go back through my previous build with less confusion.

I run a consistent wire color system.

Don't deviate from the following:

Red: Positive Power source (IE: power from your battery*, or 5v to your camera*)
Black: Ground for Power source. (IE: black lead from your battery, or ground to your camera)

More information on basic electrical theory will be found on this link, when I get the electrical theory post finished.

This is my system and you can change it up how you see fit, BUT keep yours consistent.

Green: Receiver Signal Wire
White: Almost Always ESC 1-4 on the ESC's I've seen, I also use it for TBS Smart Audio and Receiver Telemetry.  I try to use this wire for some kind of data when its NOT an ESC signal wire.
Blue: Battery positive for runcam OSD and ESC Telemetry.
Black: Ground for runcam remote
Yellow: Video signal wire, and ESC current sensor

*power from: means that power is leaving this component. power to means power going to that component.


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