Aikon AK32pin 20x20 Pinout

Aikon pinout for the Aikon 6s 20x20 AIO ESC.

Information for new builders:

The pads labeled motors are for the motor wires, and one motor is tied to one set of pads.  IE: for Motor 1 you solder your three wires from the motor to the ESC on Motor 1, Pad A, Pad B and Pad C.

The Flight controller port is where the pigtail that comes off the flight controller is plugged into. I'm going to do my best to explain what each wire is for.

GND: This is the ground wire TO the ESC
BAT+: Battery power FROM the ESC
ESC 1 - 4: These wires do the same thing for each of the ESC's on the board.  The flight controller uses this to communicate with the ESC.  IE: throttle up on Motor 1 or throttle down on Motor 3
Current: the current sensor for the ESC
Telemetry: ESC telemetry, additional information in real time from the ESC.  Like the ESC temperature, and motor speed.

NOTE: ESC telemetry is (to my knowledge) only available to 32bit ESC's.


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