Welcome to Opening Day

This is my entrance into FPV Racing. I will be focusing on how to get started with FPV Racing, what builds work. Hopefully, the things I bring up will help you grow into a better pilot.

Initially I will be discussing building techniques that are successful.  There's hundreds of freestyle building videos and tutorials on what makes a good freestyle quad, but there's such limited information on racing quads being the focus.  That actually made me hesitant to really get into racing.  Its a bit different building a quad that has to handle crashes 3, 4, 5 or more times in a day and still be ready for the actual race.  That's asking a lot out of a pilot and a quad.

I'm a new pilot, I've been flying a little over 6 months. I picked up my first quad in August of 2018, I was flying in a simulator for about 40 hours.  I've found Velocidrone and Liftoff to be the most solid two of the simulators out of all the options.  I'm no expert in anything I say so take that for what its worth.  For you guys who have more experience with this, I look forward to your input too.

It is daunting getting into FPV racing. I race at a local MultiGP chapter.  I lucked out and met some really awesome pilots who have really helped me grow as a pilot.  Most everything I've learned about racing FPV has been almost exclusively word of mouth.  I'm going to do my best to put that info here, and really get into the meat of how to help you get started as a race pilot.  Best part about it is I'll be passing info along as I get it.  I hope you guys can get started from what I will be putting out.


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