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Welcome to Opening Day

This is my entrance into FPV Racing. I will be focusing on how to get started with FPV Racing, what builds work. Hopefully, the things I bring up will help you grow into a better pilot.

Initially I will be discussing building techniques that are successful.  There's hundreds of freestyle building videos and tutorials on what makes a good freestyle quad, but there's such limited information on racing quads being the focus.  That actually made me hesitant to really get into racing.  Its a bit different building a quad that has to handle crashes 3, 4, 5 or more times in a day and still be ready for the actual race.  That's asking a lot out of a pilot and a quad.

I'm a new pilot, I've been flying a little over 6 months. I picked up my first quad in August of 2018, I was flying in a simulator for about 40 hours.  I've found Velocidrone and Liftoff to be the most solid two of the simulators out of all the options.  I'm no expert in anything I say so take that for…